Westfield Shoots | Black Park
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Black Park

The longest running shoot under Michaels management, after some 50 years Michael has Black Park really at its peak. Some fantastic drives such as Birk Head and the point are more than memorable and if you’re lucky enough to visit Roy’s you are likely to see a drive to rival the best on most shoots.


Shooting starts a little later at Black Park, the centre of the shoot is usually spring barley and this all needs to be clear for the shoot to run. So early October will see the first mainly partridge days start at Black Park with pheasant’s adding to mix by mid-November in good numbers.

The drives are varied, lovely woodland drives along the south-west edge of the shoot then steep grass banks to the south and moor edge and game covers through the centre and along the northern edge means every drive is a little different to last so nothing becomes too predictable on the day.


The Black Park days are hosted by Michael and as a gracious host he endeavours that everyone has the best possible day they can and his great pleasure is everyone else enjoying the day as much as he does.


Days of 200 to 400 are available and although spaces are limited it is always worth checking for opportunities. A large number of days are sold as single pegs at Black Park so it is a great opportunity to join a day and meet some new shooting friends.


North Yorkshire


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