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Our Philosophy

Michael has been running the shoot at Black Park for 45 years, over that time he developed a great knowledge of how to make his pheasants and partridges perform to the best of their abilities. This ethos has then been carried into Place Newton.


Michael’s style of how to drive and present birds to the peg has seen the popularity of his shoots grow quickly.


Our style means that we drive the birds in such a way that they present clearly to each peg. This often means we get less shots per drive than maybe we could otherwise. However, the easiest way is not our way and the quality of the day comes down to a lot of small factors which all need to be right.

Our style means on a shoot day with us you would experience:


  • Open gun stands, you should ideally be able to see the whole gun line from every peg. Everyone wants to see their friends shooting and the ones they miss!!
  • A single gun line, no back guns!! We pride ourselves on being able to spread the shooting over the entire line so back guns are something we just do not have.
  • Birds presented to your peg, we feel you should be able to determine a bird as yours to shoot, presented correctly to the peg not along the gun line waiting for neighbours to miss before it reaches you.
  • Our birds should take a deliberate flight path, by moving birds into the drive they will have decided where to fly to before they take off, fast birds that fly with purpose.
  • NO marked pegs, our hosts are experience in placing guns to the conditions on the day, a few yards either way makes all the difference and peg markers just don’t allow that and can complicate it further in some cases when you need to move the line.

We also take great pride in keeping detailed records of every day and every drive we do, these records allow us to manage which drives a team has done and those they have not, this means we can keep things fresh and try to ensure every day is a little different to the last.

Over the past 8 years our team of keepers has grown and gained in experience, we pride ourselves on professional staff who are well mannered, pleasant, polite and always striving for the best.


We sell full days to teams and we also sell individual pegs on days spread right through the season. These have become known as our home Syndicate days and we have a large client list of people that take these days, there are always opportunities for more members on these days so please enquire if you would like to try our shoots but don’t have a full team to bring. Most people are very surprised at how our groups gel together so easily and we pride ourselves on fitting like-minded shooters together.


Bookings are taken by Michael and although spaces are limited odd spaces do occur and it is worth adding your details to our waiting list.

Place Newton
Black Park